Business for Good Network.

The Business for Good programme was created out of the Everyone’s Edinburgh movement. A group of individuals who live, work and care deeply for this great city of ours. That’s why this programme is focused solely on businesses that are based in Edinburgh. One of the huge benefits of maintaining a city focus is the network we can forge between us.

With that in mind, we are very keen that anyone who is interested in what we are trying to do and wants to be a part of it, joins the Business for Good Network. No matter where you are on your own Impact Journey, signing up to the network means you’ll have access to:

  • Newsletters
  • Updates on Masterclasses, courses and additional resources
  • An invitation to our quarterly in-person gatherings
  • Access to group social media channels

Join us!

But more importantly, signing up to join the network means you care. And you want to support the drive to make Edinburgh a great place for businesses to do good.