Our members

Extreme collaborations require people who genuinely see difference as an asset and strength. We certainly do and are genuinely looking to expand and deepen the diversity of our members. To get a better feel for why people become and remain members take a look at some of their statements below

Extreme collaborations require people who genuinely see difference as an asset and strength. We certainly do and are genuinely looking to expand and deepen the diversity of our members. To get a better feel for why people become and remain members take a look at some of their statements below

We all know Edinburgh is a great place and I feel privileged to live here. However, as with all cities there are social and economic inequalities within the city. I joined Everyone’s Edinburgh as I wanted to be part of a group that want to make Edinburgh a more sustainable and inclusive city. I love the fact that we have members from all different sectors, which is important as it has allowed lots of different viewpoints to help ongoing conversations.

Ross Holman

Principle Hydraulic Modeller (Flood Risk) Jacobs

Joining this group has exposed me to a diverse and passionate group of people across sectors. It’s allowed me to look at our city and world through different lens and learn. The Green Apprenticeships initiative would never have happened if I hadn’t met and got to know Ewan!

Becky McLean

Head of Sustainability, Advisory & Planning SWECO UK

Real lasting change only ever happens through collaborations between the unlikely and the unexpected. Everyone’s Edinburgh brings collaborations which would otherwise never have happened because it’s built on the shared values and vision of people who would otherwise be unlikely to meet. The ambition of creating more inclusive city will mean fewer people are homeless – it is, for me, the best form of homeless prevention which is my passion

Ewan Aitken,

Chief Executive, Cyrenians

My experience of being part of Everyone’s Edinburgh has been nothing short of transformational. The conversations quite quickly turned to conversActions and I’ve been truly inspired by the commitment and enthusiasm shown by other members to get involved and make a difference. This is not a talking shop!

Simon Farrell,

Co – Founder Today The Arena

Everyone’s Edinburgh provides a conduit in our city to break down unnecessary boundaries, so to bring about meaningful cross-sector collaborations, that benefit us all. I want to meet passionate change-makers and work alongside purpose-driven organisations on common issues/concerns in the place I love, where our values and ambitions are shared. A city that does well, by doing good.

Miles Weaver,

Associate Professor in Sustainability & Supply Management, Napier University

To challenge inequality and solve the biggest challenges we face, including making sure this really is ‘Everyone’s Edinburgh’, we need people from different backgrounds and sectors to come together, find common purpose and drive meaningful action. The group is full of interesting people, it’s informal, collaborative and inclusive, and I’m hopeful it is building energy and connections that will translate into a movement and impact.

Sandy MacDonald,

Director of Public Policy & Communications at Scottish Financial Enterprise

For me, Everyone’s Edinburgh offers all who live, work, study and invest in our city an opportunity to come together under a single initiative to work towards greater inclusion, sustainability and equality of opportunity. I am passionate about ensuring the business community of which I am part plays a key role in helping realise this ambition, which will ultimately deliver a fairer and more prosperous city for us all.

Joanne Davidson,

Director of Policy, Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce

I’m delighted to join these conversations and see where they take us. We need new thinking combined with the intention to act and I look forward to continuing to learn through others.

Dave Gorman,

Director of Social Responsibility & Sustainability, University of Edinburgh

I joined Everyone’s Edinburgh as I want to create and contribute to positive change on a local level in Edinburgh. I am an advocate for creating a more sustainable Edinburgh and have done so through providing perfectly good food to students which would have otherwise ended up in the bin through the QMU food pantry. I am keen to create and be part of conversation which leads to action. Something we refer to as ‘conversActions’.

Elouise Rice,

Queen Margaret University Food Pantry Co-Founder

I have joined as a member of Everyone’s Edinburgh Movement as I am a passionate advocate for social change causes and how this can improve the lives of all living things. This group offers a collaborative space to engage professionals across all sectors motivated to create positive change, a type of ground-breaking change that I believe Edinburgh can be pioneers on.

Lyndsay Fyffe – Jardine,

CEO for Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home

Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership is delighted to be involved in this great initiative. The answers to the many challenges we face are to be found by working with all partners across civic, third, public, academic and business sectors. By stepping in to one another’s worlds we can truly create and reimagine different ideas and solutions which make impact and enable our city to thrive.

Dr Linda Irvine – Fitzpatrick,

Strategic Programme Manager, Thrive Edinburgh and SRO for the Edinburgh Wellbeing Pact, Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership

Everyone’s Edinburgh is a diverse and welcoming community of people from across many sectors and backgrounds where ideas can flourish and become actions that positively impact Edinburgh. I’m proud to be a part of it.

Duncan Gardner,

Social Impact Adviser, Balfour Beatty.

Delighted to be involved in Edinburgh’s Edinburgh. A UNESCO City of Culture and World Heritage Site, Edinburgh represents vibrant contemporary culture and dark ancient heritage, an ambitious climate agenda and enduring inequality, and a growing focus on inclusion and innovation. The initiative offers an opportunity to tackle the climate emergency and global inequality through a collaborative ‘glocalist’ approach.

Benjamin Carey,

Sustainable Tourism and Heritage Consultant

The best thing for me about Everyone’s Edinburgh is the opportunity… the opportunity to meet inspiring people, to collaborate and develop new ideas, and to make positive change happen in our community.

Lucy Richards,

Company Leader – Better Company.