The online business sustainability course

Edinburgh Napier University has created a comprehensive online course to help guide businesses through the process of becoming more purposeful and more sustainable. The course is called “Build for Purpose” and it’s FREE to all businesses based in Edinburgh. It’s easy to sign up to. You can go at a pace to suit you. And there is further support and guidance available from our Impact Advisors if you want to supplement the course with some local expert advice.


“Build for Purpose
ISDG Accelerator

Edinburgh Napier University invites you to join our “Build for Purpose” online learning hub. Together we will explore how businesses of all shapes and sizes can build their purpose, transition to a #NetZero economy and accelerate action towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It’s fair to say that any business trying to get on board with the “sustainability agenda” and or wanting to address the climate emergency can quickly get overwhelmed with information and advice. We often hear business leaders asking: where do we start? What might a manageable journey look like? How can our actions bring about impact? How can I measure and track all this? What does this all mean for my business, my community and my city?

The online course and learning hub will attempt to answer these questions and will offer businesses the opportunity to explore a number of different sustainable pathways to see which they feel would suit their business the most. The goal is to help leaders understand what sustainability means for their businesses based in Edinburgh and get a “feel” for how to set a journey and start making a difference.

Not only will businesses benefit by deepening their understanding and learning practical tools to apply to their business, they will also be encouraged to build meaningful and & purposeful partnerships to further increase their impact in the city and beyond.

This free online course will consist of seven phases, that you can follow at your own pace. The course will help you engage with a wide range of sustainability issues and guide towards making a big impact on your business and in your city (see the diagram below). The course includes regular workshops with access to relevant business improvement and impact assessment tools.

About the “Business for Good ” Thematic Cluster at Edinburgh Napier:

The “Business for Good” thematic cluster is based in Edinburgh Napier University Business School. We are passionate about using business as a force for good, cultivating purpose, bringing about social innovation and building cross-sector collaboration to accelerate progress towards our Sustainable Development Goals in places (local to global). This will be achieved by supporting place-making through impact measurement & action, plus to amplify our collective action with partners who share the same values. We want to work with SMEs to support them in this journey (as well as larger organisations with a cluster of SME stakeholders), in our decade of action and ahead of Scotland’s hosting of COP26.

Team includes Dr Kenny Crossan, Dr. Miles Weaver, Dr. Hock Tan and Dr. Andrew Bratton.

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* The online course is only available and free to businesses based in the Edinburgh area.