The in-depth, in-person and inspired way to transform your business for good

The Impact Journey is a methodology and a mindset to help shape the way we think about purpose, sustainability, impact and business for good in general. It’s a robust, proven and well thought through framework and intensely practical set of tools. But it does take a bit of time to fully appreciate how it works to unearth its true value. That’s why this training requires more investment in terms of time and money.

But the results are definitely worthwhile. Here’s what others have said about the Impact Journey training…

“The course has been vital to my business and opened up new ideas, new models and how to implement and measure ‘impact’ within my own sector. A clear overview of how various platforms can work together and integrated into businesses whilst dovetailing with global and national goals and visions. “

“I previously found it difficult to place myself and my business in the ‘bigger picture’ and to effectively articulate how we can influence and support change but now I feel I have a toolkit, language and methodology to help with this.”

“I now have a group of peers I can connect with about impact measurement as we apply the learning and encourage others to do the same.”

“The Impact Journey training was comprehensive, thought-provoking and genuinely supportive of the aims of us as individuals, businesses and a nation.”

“I feel better able to articulate the value proposition and benefits of purpose and an impact-driven approach”

“The training was an excellent introduction to the key concepts, contexts and tools for supporting the embedding and measurement of holistic impact within a business’s purpose and activities.”

“The Impact Journey is an intuitive tool that can encompass many different frameworks”

“The Impact Journey training both galvanised and enhanced my understanding of business impact methodology. The team have an incredible way of delivering the theory and reality of the impact journey and landscape in a way that makes this vital work both accessible and utterly exhilarating. I left equipped with knowledge, advice and a new peer network from the cohort.”

Are you ready to invest your business for good?

The Impact
Journey Mapping

Why invest in the Impact Journey training now?

The world is changing. Customers are demanding more from the brands they buy. Employees are expecting more from the organisations they work for. Communities are looking to businesses to step up and help solve local problems. Investors want to minimize their exposure to the risks of an uncertain future. Governments are looking to embed business sustainability in law.

There is a growing imperative towards social and environmental impact accountability from all angles that is not letting up any time soon.

Getting ahead of the curve now, and growing your organisation’s impact management capabilities ready to embrace this change, offers a distinct and compelling strategic advantage, across many levels:

As a new values-driven generation enters the workforce and marketplace we are seeing organisations who lead with purpose and impact reap the benefits of attracting top talent and securing high employee and customer retention.

As Government economic policy is broadening its focus to give wellbeing, community wealth, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability outcomes an equal footing on the agenda.

Join us on this training series to deepen your understanding of the impact your organisation has on all of your stakeholders. Learn the skill sets you need to account for both your organisation’s unique purpose, and to be able to demonstrate your contribution towards wider regional, national and global frameworks.

Key features of the training:

Prototyped over time with a range of different businesses

Scottish Government backed and part of a national vision

Part of the global movement of business as a force for good

Content bi-annually updated to stay current to the emergent field

A methodology you can use for years to embed purpose impact

At the heart of a gound-breaking Edinburgh movement


– Cohort based learning journey in groups of 15 – 25

– Appropriate for any businesses regardless of stage, scale, or sector

– A collective learning opportunity, alongside fellow citizens and businesses of Edinburgh, fostering a neighbourly connection

– Tailored content specific to identifying your contribution towards Edinburgh’s 2050 city vision

– Mainly in-person delivery with some virtual sessions

– 20+ hours of immersive learning and exercises

– Hear from live Edinburgh-based case studies

– Facilitated by expert Scotland CAN B Ambassadors and Edinburgh based Impact Advisors

– Cost is £550 per person

Applying this training will give you the capabilities to help you

– Define and articulate your business purpose

– Embed your purpose in your brand and business

– Attract and increase investment

– Streamline engagement with public procurement

– Foster transparency, building trust with your governance, employees and beneficiaries

– Identify unexpected strengths and new opportunities

– Become a resilient, future proof organisation, adaptable to changing market forces

– Build a legacy you can be proud of

Together we’ll be exploring these questions:

– What outcomes is our organisation working towards?

– How does our organisation ensure that we remain focused on our purpose?

– What data would we need to collect to know whether or not we’re on track?

– How does our organisation’s work contribute towards the wider systems we’re a part of?…for our community, for Edinburgh, for Scotland, and towards global sustainable development.

Good for you. Good for your business. Good for Edinburgh.

We believe the power of citywide initiatives is in the sense of belonging that they foster. This feeling of belonging, experienced through embracing our shared sense of place and identity, cultivating connections with our business ‘neighbours’, and deepening our relationships with our local customers and communities, all leads to the creation of a supportive network of peers. This, in turn, galvanizes more transformative collective action and accountability, for the benefit of all people and the planet.

In short, the Impact Journey Training is an opportunity for you to build a brighter future for your business, for everyone it touches and for everyone in Edinburgh.

The course outline

6 x half day in-person workshops

3 x 1.5 hours
Zoom sessions

Preparation and homework tasks

Community of practice afterwards