As we deal with the consequences of a global pandemic and face up to the challenge of the climate crisis, it can feel like running a business is nothing but one big headache after another. But if there’s one thing that we’ve learned over the past couple of years, it’s that businesses that are driven by a strong sense of purpose are much more likely to flourish in a changing and challenging world than businesses that focus purely on money. In fact, 63% more likely. (Source: Forbes / B Labs)

That’s why more and more businesses are now looking beyond profit as the only measure of success. It makes perfect business sense. In fact, we’d argue that most businesses already do this to some extent or another. That’s because business leaders, like you, care. You care about your business and the impact you have on the world around you. You want to succeed by doing the right thing.

But, if you’re anything like us, you’re not always sure what that right thing is. And you often find the world of sustainability a bit overwhelming. There’s lots of great advice out there, but what’s right for you and your business?

This website, and the community we’re hoping to build, is our attempt to help fellow Edinburgh business people answer that question.

Our aim is to help you grow your business with purpose. To help you better understand the impact your business is having and guide you towards a more sustainable future.

Join us and grow your business for good!

Let’s Get Started!

Four ways to start your impact journey

Clinics & Masterclasses



Journey Training

Introducing the
Impact Journey

Creating simplicity out of complexity is much easier if you have an organizing framework. And fortunately, we do. The Impact Journey has been developed by Scotland Can B to help guide you on your journey to becoming a better business. It’s a robust and flexible approach to better understand and improve the impact your business can have. You can learn all about it in the Impact Journey Training. And you’ll see the Impact Journey referenced in everything we do.

Our Impact Advisors

It’s all well and good having lots of online resources to browse through but sometimes it’s better to simply speak to someone. That’s why we’ve assembled a group of well informed, enthusiastic and friendly people to help you on your way. They are all ‘Impact Journey’ trained and can help you on any stage of your journey.